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Learn and apply new innovation skills.

The building blocks of your every day work matter.
From running effective and joyful meetings to inspiring new
problem solving mindsets and methods, our workshops are intentionally designed to increase employee engagement, connection, and drive greater impact.


Our Most Popular Workshops

Workshops can be packaged together strategically to maximize their value.

The Meeting Canoe

The Meeting Canoe methodology is based on new change management and organizational excellence best practices. This workshop not only changes how you organize your meetings, it changes the way you approach and accomplish your work in ways that drive connection, clarity, and co-creation.

Participants will leave with a full understanding of the Meeting Canoe framework and how to utilize it within their organization and daily life.

Cost: Begins at $2000 

Prerequisites: None

The Happiness Advantage

Happiness is a scientifically proven competitive advantage for individuals, teams, and organizations. In this workshop you will learn and practice habits and mindsets that increase happiness, and therefore also impact your productivity, efficiency, and resiliency. 

Participants will leave happier than when they began,

equipped with a toolbox of practices they can employ to

increase their happiness advantage over time.

Cost: Begins at $2000

Prerequisites: None

Introduction to Design Thinking

The Introduction to Design Thinking Workshop teaches the full human-centered design methodology based on best practices from Stanford, MIT, and IDEO. Participants learn by doing, following the process with a partner or group.

At the end of the workshop, each person is equipped with the language of design and has begun to develop their own intuition of the process. If time allows, we will begin to brainstorm and apply where design might be of highest value to your organization and/or current projects.

Cost: Begins at $3000 per workshop

Prerequisites: None

Nature-Centered Design

Design Thinking is modeled after evolution.

Each plant and animal around us is a prototype - testing, iterating, and evolving based on how well it performs or how long it lives. In this workshop, nature’s intrinsic design methodologies and solutions will be highlighted and incorporated into organization-wide and/or project-specific challenges.

Participants will leave empowered to design using biomimicry principles, resulting in increased rates of innovation, creativity, and wonder.

Cost: Begins at $4000 per workshop

Prerequisites: Introduction to Design Thinking